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Posted by: Lisa
Now that our uniform project is moving along, we are thinking about the future of our future graduates of our training program. What will be the best approach to encourage entrepreneurship and community involvement?

Microfinancing leaps to mind. But as New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof points out in his blog, encouraging savings is as important as lending money, and encouraging community involvement is equally important.

So one model we are looking at is the Savings and Internal Lending Communities organized by Catholic Relief Services. The model does not offer loans from an outside group, but helps communities organize their own savings-and-loan associations. There's a safe place for people to keep their money -- note the giant lock box in the photo; the loans are made through a committee made of men and women from throughout the community, not just from the rich landowner to the poor.

We've just started exploring this option, so comments and recommendations would be most appreciated. As we expand our commitment to bringing education and opportunity to South Sudan, developing a model to finance many local enterprises, from tailoring to agriculture and beyond, could become an important part of our mission.
Category: General
Posted by: Ron
The Wunlang School was constructed and furnished in 2008. Between 600 and 800 boys and girls attend classes, and the facility is used for women's literacy training when the regular classes are through for the day.

We are now turning our attention to other needs in the remote village of Wunlang, including:

School uniform sewing project
Health clinic
School farm

We also continue to support the village and surrounding areas with water and sanitation initiatives.

Follow this blog site for updates and progress reports on all of our work in Wunlang.

See our photo-documentation of the Wunlang village project in our Smugmug Gallery.

Watch videos from Wunlang on You Tube.

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