Back in November 2008, when Franco traveled to Wunlang, I sent along a suitcase full of posters and school supplies. If you look back in our archives, you'll see that the suitcase didn't travel with Franco -- in fact, it arrived in Aweil the day he was leaving.

He left the suitcase with our field manager Yel, who confirmed he had taken it to Wunlang. But I've wondered, when the teachers got them, what they would do with them. After all, Wunlang had never had any educational posters, since they have never had a school with walls before.

But now I know. Angelo Ngong Kiir, our director who is spending some time in Sudan, just sent these photos:

I sent along the duct tape, too.


I am so delighted to see the posters up. I trust the Wunlang teachers to make good use of them, to each the children and to teach themselves.