Some weeks ago VHSS got some questions about our work from one Faithful Okoye, who turned out to be an honors student at Broward College in Florida. The next thing we know, the honors program advisor has contacted our treasurer, asking where to send a check.

Faithful had organized a poetry slam and open-mike event, charging students $1 to participate. "The theme was a Hope for A New Tomorrow," she wrote in an e-mail.

"The HSC Band, that is a group of students from the Honors Student Committee, joined together to form a band, and they all performed. . . .
The Broward College Honors Student Committee Band

"I also sang a song called 'Who Says,' by Selena Gomez, which spoke to those in the audience and the children in Sudan, asks Who Says they are not perfect, beautiful or worthy? t was dedicated to all those who for whatsoever life circumstances such as poverty, skin color, people's low expectation of them feel like they will not amount to much.

Faithful Okoye sings in support of South Sudan

"It's also dedicated to Africa and in particular, South Sudan. Who says they can't become a great nation?"

Check for Village Help for South Sudan from the students at Broward College

Faithful is part of "Finish What You Start," a Broward College program designed that helps those who have entered college to press on to complete their degrees. She's applied what she has learned already. Some people talk vaguely about helping out in South Sudan: Faithful, in a matter of weeks, Faithful made something happen. Can you?