Ron is in Juba, and not only can he find WiFi there, but he is networking with all sorts of people impressed with our work.

He made a presentation at the Juba Rotary Club, and exchanged banners, as he brought one from the Rotary Club of Boston. At that meeting he got a possible lead on upper-elementary-grade teachers, and made a contact with another group advocating for women and children.
Ron at Juba Rotary Club

He is filing our paperwork with the Republic of South Sudan, and meeting new contacts along the way. He writes that when he describes our projects, "Our model of using local labor and materials REALLY resonates with people here. I can feel the energy and enthusiasm of the local officials and all of the contacts I have made ... about the VHSS model. Wow, have we done things right to establish ourselves well with the new RoSS!"

And he had time to stop at the Roots Project, which is selling South Sudanese handcrafts in Juba.

We're gathering ideas for when our community center is up, the crafts classes have begun, there will be products to sell!