Wunlang Project at Classical High School

Recently, the Wunlang School project was formally introduced to Classical High School. Over 50 students and teachers attended the presentation in the auditorium. The Project came to Classical through the efforts of Alex Rittershaus, a Junior, who has been involved in the project for a number of months. He has even built this website with information and updates.

"Bricks" were sold at Classical High School for $1.00 each. (Over 4000 'Bricks' were purchased) Each donator signed his or her name on the "Brick" and the "Brick" was put on the wall outside the auditorium and main office of the school. The response was incredible. Teachers, students, and administrators all participated for this great cause.

Wunlang Project at Classical High School

Special thanks to:
Fred Dupuis and Mike Quinn at Breed Middle School for 'making' the bricks used for the fundraiser.

The story began with Franco Majok, a Lynn resident originally from Sudan, who recently returned to the small village of Wunlang in South Sudan. He found that some children in Wunlang, many malnourished and impoverished, walk two hours to attend the one and only school in the village. The children are taught in English, however, the school is nothing like those here in the United States.

In Wunlang, the children sit outside under trees on long branches because they don't have a school building. They lack basic necessities such as school supplies and desks. During the rainy season of May to October the school is closed. Also, during the dry season of December to May the school is closed because it is too hot outside.