The Village School in Marblehead invited Franco and Ron to present the Wunlang School project to their sixth graders. When they arrived at the school, they were greeted by a large banner created by the students.

Village to Village

The banner is shown in the image above. The students were extremely curious and receptive to information about the Wunlang School and the conditions in the village. They have decided to “adopt” the Wunlang School and to help us raise funds for the children of Wunlang.

We would like to invite other schools to join our “Village to Village” campaign. Our plan to help Wunlang will bring many benefits to the students, teachers, and citizens of Wunlang over the next 3 to 4 years. We will eventually bring technology to the village that will enable students here to communicate with students in Wunlang over the Internet. Sharing information about our two cultures and the lives of children growing up in these vastly different places will be vital to the educational progress long stalled by the war in south Sudan.

Please contact us if you would like Franco and Ron to speak at your school. You can become part of one of the most exciting and rewarding human and social transformations of the century.