From Raphael Durand and Michael Ivey:

Raphael and Mike

Mr. Suggs inspired us to start the fund raiser at The Governor's Academy. Mr. Majok helped a student that graduated from The Governor's Academy last year, Mou Riiny, come to The Governor's Academy. We called Mou Phil, we knew him well, he was always in good spirit. We decided that the best idea to start the fund raiser was the 'paper brick' idea, we are a small school of about 350 students, and the paper brick gives an opportunity for everyone to contribute because they only cost a dollar. That way if everyone contributes, it would be somewhat the same as if only a third of the school contributes at a higher price, we thought we'd see better results with the 'paper brick'. Starting the fund raiser required a lot of organization, it required contacting Mr. Majok setting up meetings to learn more information on the project. It required contacting many deans at school, and making student body announcements. We set up a convocation for Mr. Majok and Mrs. Smith to come to the student body to talk about the Wunlang School Project. That way everyone is informed about what they're donating their money to. We also talked to "The Allies" a parent run organization at The Governor's Academy, we asked them if they would give us a 'matching grant' if we achieved our goal of selling 500 bricks. That way it motivates the students to achieve a set goal, and also doubles our funds when we reach that goal. Although we are still in the middle of working out if they can give us funds for a matching grant, but I found it to be very helpful to the fund raiser. The leadership Mike Ivey and I show, may not seem like much to us, but it gives the confidence to underclassmen to contribute, it's almost like positive peer pressure. Mike and I decided that this year in PRIDE (People Really Into Diversity Education) we wanted to get involved in helping the community. When Mr. Suggs mentioned the Wunlang School Project it was our opportunity to raise money for what we believe to be a great cause. All this work pays off in the end, and we hope this fund raiser to be one of the most successful in a few years at the academy.