Here is a report from our executive director Franco Majok on a recent event at McCall Middle School in Winchester, MA:

"On 1/15/09 McCall Middle School celebrated Martin Luther King Day. McCall has been celebrating Martin Luther King Day since 1993. This is year the celebration was very different. The celebration this year was tight to fundraising to support Theou School in South Sudan.

"Their fundraising will continue until the end of the school year. The first fundraising effort is a direct appeal to the students. Every home room has a Giving Tree. Any donation that student make, between one to five dollars will earn a leaf with the student's name on it. The idea is not for student to go to their parents or guardians and ask for the money, but do something extra to earn it or share your birthday money.

"Now what happened on 1/15/10 was very nice. Bol, his cousin, Phillip Mou Riiny who graduated from McCall, and I were invited to speak. One thousand students listened to us in two groups. The first group was 6th grade student and second group was 7th and 8th grade. Bol was the first speaker. Bol spoke about the days he lived in Winchester. He said that Winchester High School prepared him to go to college. He thanked the people of Winchester of welcoming him to go to school and become a person he is today. He also thank Winchester town for awarding him a big scholarship of $6000 every year for 4 years until he graduated from college.

"Bol also showed slides about his life as one of the Lost Boys. Bol finished asking people of Winchester to support him to build a school in his village. He said that is a dream to him, to help children in village to have good education.

"He also mentioned his cousin, Phillips Mou Riiny who graduated from McCall and went to Winchester High School, then to The Governor Academy, and now University of San Diego. Bol said that Phillips dream is to go to MIT for his master's degree. I spoke at the end. I said my dream was to build a school in my village, Wunlang, which I did. I also said something about my country Sudan and how two civil wars destroyed everything in south Sudan.

"All our speeches were tight to dream to match with Martin Luther King's speech 'I have a dream.' The Martin Luther King's speech 'I have a dream' was showed on DVD before our speech."

We're so glad that McCall will help make Bol's dream, and the dream of hundreds of kids and parents in Theou Village, come true.